Hassan Abdulrazzak


Ur was excited to receive the free tickets from his boss. It was unexpected. His boss was not known for generosity. ‘I have to be in another sector this weekend’ he told Ur in his larger-than-life, baritone voice. Ur suspected an involvement with a new mistress.


He couldn’t wait to get home. ‘Guess what, sugarlump?’ he said to his wife. ‘We’re going to the sampling feast!’ Ona’s eyes lit up for the first time in months.


Ur knew that Ona was unhappy with their move to sector 2047-Centre Point. She never came out and said so but some resentments take a long time to simmer, and even longer to bubble and froth their way to the surface.


With the tickets in hand, Ur felt he was finally delivering on his promise of a better life. The annual sampling feast was the place to be at this time of year. Tickets to the event were hard to come by. The feast offered everything: the chance to sample all the gastronomical delights of the sector, to mix with the cream of society and make contact one was unlikely to make through day-to-day work as a sorting clerk, which was what Ur was. A sorting clerk with big ambitions.